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What Makes Us Different

More Than Financial Products… A Lot More:

Because we are independent (we are not employees of one financial company), we have access to all of the available financial products and instruments needed to create complete portfolios for our clients. However, what distinguishes us from the rest is our unwavering commitment to deliver our clients customized advice and strategies. We prepare comprehensive financial plans that demonstrate our fundamental understanding of the financial needs, concerns, and future goals of our clients. Products are just a commodity in this industry. The service - our service - is a differentiating experience.

Living Library of Expertise:

At National Finance Alliance, we bring something distinctive to the financial services industry. We have assembled what we call, “The SFC Living Library.” It is a true human library of financial services professionals with specific expertise and knowledge in all areas of the financial services industry. We aim to provide our clients with the most qualified people and resources to design financial solutions from the simple to the most complex. Simply put, we are an organization of specialists rather than generalists.

We Are Not Busy Selling, We are Busy Serving:

Most advisors are busy selling something. We are busy serving the best interests of our clients. We provide the deep service that our clients need - first and always.

We Represent the Client (not a company): 

We are not owned by a bank or an insurance company. We do not have proprietary products that we are required to offer or sell. All of our operations are regulated, but our available products and solution selections are open to the determination of the best available for our clients. We represent you!

No to Buy and Hold:

Our advisors believe in tactical asset management. We take in account the changing market, the income needs of each client and their goals. We do not believe in a “set it and forget it” strategy for investment management. Our professionals focus on active asset management and portfolio design.

Team-Based Planning

National Financial Alliance is a team-based firm. Our comprehensive financial plans are not developed in a silo by one financial advisor. We take a team-based approach to preparing financial plans for businesses as well as individual clients. Our team looks at the overall financial picture, combining business and personal, while incorporating our specialists as necessary to complete true comprehensive financial planning.

A Second Opinion (and a Third, Fourth and Fifth):

Here, we are big believers in second opinions for your major financial decisions. That is why all of the important issues presented to an advisor will receive the distinct benefit of having our team of specialists weigh in for a consensus decision. When you work with one advisor at NFA, you have the broad benefit of working with many.

Advisor of Advisors Concierge Service:

For many of our business owners and top executive clients, we provide a specialized concierge level service that coordinates all of the professionals you have on your team to maximize their efficiency and results. We take the time to create one master financial plan and then act as the CFO for oversight and implementation of the plan. It is an “advice only” service designed to coordinate the efforts of your financial advisor, attorney, CPA firm, and insurance agent based on one overall plan. We do not supersede relationships already firmly in place. We monitor and coordinate all the advisors on your behalf so that everyone is working together towards your goals.


Before making any changes or commitments, we disclose all advantages and disadvantages of any and all recommendations, your costs and our compensation. Our operation is, and always will be, transparent.