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Wealth Management

Goal Planning

Here, we build each client's unique financial plan based on our clear understanding of their goals, dreams and passions. From the beginning, we implement a goal planning framework tailored to fit their unique objectives.

CFO/Concierge Services

We act as the client's liaison between all of the their financial personnel, CPA's, attorneys and business HR programs. Our CFO/Concierge program offers an array of services tailored to fit the specific needs of each client. From coordinating benefits to managing money, we have anticipated the needs of those we serve and have equipped our trusted advisors to meet them. Some of our services include cash flow and budget analysis, business continuity planning, asset purchase review, tax planning, investment management, insurance planning, business transition management and expense review. These services link the company business plan with the client's personal plan in order to maintain financial continuity.

Estate Planning

At National Financial Alliance, our advisors work with our client’s attorneys to structure appropriate wills, trusts, business entities, insurances, investment management, charitable/foundation plans and power of attorneys. Additionally, we coordinate benefits with all parties involved and roll out new estate plans to the entire family, acting as an independent third party to help mitigate tension among heirs. (If the client does not have an attorney, we are able to make referrals for one).

Financial Planning

We offer clients comprehensive financial planning and advise clients on everything from budgeting and cash flow to investment management and retirement planning. Whether a client is planning for a major purchase, refinancing their home or needs basic estate planning, NFA's team of advisors is well equipped to build each client's vision of financial success.

Investment Management

Our advisors review, monitor, trade and manage each client’s investable assets. By our allocation of appropriate custodians, selection of investment vehicles and evaluations of market conditions, we are able to invest based on the client’s risk tolerance and objectives. We also provide objective advice on investments through our three custodians—LPL Financial, Schwab and TD Ameritrade.

Insurance Management

As an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) and Managing General Agent (MGA) with over 40 insurance carriers, National Financial Alliance is able to obtain the best pricing and coverage, and subsequently provides objective advice about insurance management. To provide the desired level of protection for each client, we review, price, evaluate and monitor all insurance coverage (Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, Property & Casualty, etc.).

Entity Planning

We work with your legal and accounting team to structure business entities and operations in the most effective manner. We separate risks and protect operations by effective entity creation and restructuring. We also work to develop the ownership of such entities in a tax favorable, estate-friendly way.

Tax Planning

Our firm does not provide tax advice. However, we do work with our clients tax preparers striving to find innovative solutions and programs to help provide significant tax savings today and in the future. This joint effort is key to providing substantial tax saving to our clients.

Neither LPL Financial nor any of its representatives provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax or legal advisor for answers to your specific questions. Outside providers of professional services are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by National Financial Alliance, LLC or LPL Financial.

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