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About Us

Client Centered

Founded in 1981, in San Antonio Texas, the firm has evolved from a group of insurance and mutual fund representatives to a full service wealth management company. In 2007, Reagan Wagner, Bob Wagner and Joel Swinehart joined forces to form what is now National Financial Alliance, LLC (NFA).
NFA provides comprehensive and integrated financial services in a high-engagement, client-centric service model. We focus on long-term client relationships, employing a philosophy of planning iteration and evolution to address needs and objectives as they change over time.
The NFA advantage is a built-in system of collaboration, expertise, leverage and support. The Alliance consists of over 190 affiliates and associates, each committed to the idea that success is most readily achieved through genuine and in-depth engagement - with our clients, among our team and throughout the ongoing planning process.

Our Mission

At NFA, our mission is to help each and every client—be they an individual, a family or a business—achieve their unique definition of financial success.

We seek to accomplish this mission via our unwavering commitment to understanding, assessing and applying insight to help us develop objective and integrated plans that meet our client’s objectives.

To do this, we leverage our experienced team of planners, advisors and specialists, who aim to provide our clients with the right resources at the right time. And, of course, we will make adjustments as the client’s definition of success evolves.

At NFA Wealth Management, we treat every client as if he or she were part of our family, placing their needs ahead of our own.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish NFA Wealth Management as the new standard in the financial services industry, using our innovative, customer-centric method of integrated and comprehensive financial planning.

Our Goals

  • Set a new standard in terms of respect, leadership and our philosophy of “doing right” by the people we serve.
  • Make our innovative, customer-centric approach a primary point of distinction with our competitors.
  • Be innovative by driving fresh, new ways of thinking within the industry.
  • Establish a thorough awareness and reputation among prospective agent associates.

NFA Wealth Management includes; NFA, our advising and planning group, and SFC (Strategic Financial Concepts), our Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm. Together, the two companies provide clients with objective and independent recommendations and investment options.